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Our comprehensive treatment session includes non-invasive ultrasound treatment, massage to the treated area to stimulate lymphatic drainage, 30 minutes of cardio-vascular exercise under supervision of our staff, use of our trampoline to accelerate fat lose. We also offer unlimited use of our facility for exercises to our clients while undergoing treatment.

The following listed package prices are subject to change:
3 Visit Package Initial evaluation, three comprehensive sessions, and final evaluation $899
6 Visit Package Initial evaluation, six comprehensive sessions, one update evaluation, and final evaluation $1399
9 Visit Package Initial evaluation, nine comprehensive sessions, two update evaluation, and final evaluation $1899

Compared to liposuction, or other surgical procedures, Americas Lipo Center and Spa body contouring is a significantly inexpensive way to transform your body. Liposuction may range from $3,000 to $7000 per region treated, compared to our non-invasive ultrasound and radiofrequency treatment which ranges from around $150 to $800.

It is generally recommended that body sculpting patients receive a minimum of 3 separate treatments. Most people require between 6-9 separate treatments for best results.

The number of treatments required ultimately depends upon the amount of fat or cellulite to be treated. It is recommended that you maintain a low fat and low carbohydrate diet, drinking plenty of water and exercise while receiving your treatment. Massaging and lymphatic drainage can also enhance results. Although this new technology works for patients of all ages and skin types, patients with higher metabolic rates are better able to excrete the fat contents and enjoy better results. Each patient is different and may require a different approach. Some people may have more/or less fatty tissue to lose in certain areas, have faster or slower metabolic rates, have healthier/less healthy tissue and are proactive/not active in their body sculpting treatment, these variables will affect the outcome. Your cooperating with us in regards to dietary intake, dietary exclusion and exercise will play a significant role in your success of obtaining the sculpted body you desire.