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The relationship between body contouring and cellulite removal has been described as being a bit like that of the rectangle and the square in geometry. While their definitions overlap at times and many of the same treatments can be prescribed for both, it’s important not to assume that one is synonymous with the other. The de-natured fat cells of cellulite produce enlarged bundles of fibrous connective bands that encircle the fat cell producing lumps and dimples. This different connective tissue, is laced with fat cells, and surrounded by fluids and toxins that are trapped deep in the skin. As the connective tissue thickens and hardens a dimpling affect appears. This cellulite tissue (especially around the thighs and buttocks) was previously thought to be an irreversible condition.

As successful as liposuction has been at reshaping bodies, it has never been proven to diminish the appearance of cellulite, and has even been linked to an increased visibility of cellulite in some patients. Thanks to the new technology used by Americas Lipo Center and Spa, the HIFU and RF therapies produce results that cellulite pills and cream formulas can only dream about. This treatment first causes a massaging friction in fibrous tissues, improving blood flow to the area and encourages the fluid and toxins trapped in the cellulite pockets to drain. Next, the tissue is warmed-up to stimulate fat release and increase collagen production. The end result is a tightened and visibly improved skin tone and appearance.