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Face Treatment

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is widely used procedure for facial wrinkle reduction and skin tightening and whitening. You will see about 10% of tightening immediately, but it takes at least 100 days to see real results and about 6 months for the collagen to restructure itself.

Your appearance will be continuously improving as your skin actively improves. You will find your skin smoother and significantly tighter, and have overall youthful appearance.

Radiofrequency (RF) is another non-surgical procedure that tightens skin and makes fine lines and wrinkles look softer, giving the face a younger texture and sight.

The RF therapy is based on high frequency radio waves that heat the dermal layer of the skin and cause collagen fibers to contract making skin tighter and firmer. Additionally, heating activates the fibroblasts to produce more new collagen and elastin fibers providing long lasting results.
The spectacular effects of the RF treatment (skin tightening, wrinkle reduction) gradually begin to appear within 2 months and are completed in 6 months post treatment. Results usually last for up to two years depending on the age, condition of the skin and individual skin ability to regenerate. The treatments can be provided throughout the year, even during the summer, as long as there is no photosensitivity problem. All ages and all skin types are suitable for this treatment.